Hourly Coaching Session on Computer Related Subjects


Hourly Coaching Session on Anything.

  • any software applications
  • hardware
  • networking
  • other items you wish to learn.


Hourly Coaching Session on Anything Related to Computers.

Ya, that is correct.


  • I want to learn something specific, to the point
  • No extra nonsense learning
  • Missing gaps, help fill them in
  • NFT, Metaverse, Socks, Microsoft Office, Programming and etc.
  • Hardware¬† or software


  • Ever wanted to just learn what you wanted to learn and not what the people are trying to teach you?
  • Sometimes we just want to learn something that is hard to understand and it does not make sense to take a long-drawn-out computer course to just learn some parts.

That is where we come in.

Home (on-site) service

  • We will come to your HOME (on-site service) and teach you what you want to learn. Anything to do with computers we can teach.

You need to learn, we teach.  Simple and effective.

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