Jioyaar Makes Digital Dharamkot

Over whelmed with information. We make it manageable and organized. Dharamkot is now online with information to help the community.

Our Digital Dharamkot

Jioyaar makes digital Dharamkot an active business directory.

Jioyaar.com is the official site address of Digital Dharamkot, Moga, Punjab.

Jioyaar makes and maintains the information on this site. The service is designed to provide all types of resources to it’s community. We reach over 157 villages surrounding the Dharamkot area. Free listing service for all businesses in Dharamkot, Moga, Punjab.

Jioyaar Makes Digital Dharamkot
Jioyaar Makes Digital Dharamkot

Built With Love

We live here and here we play.
As we see our children and others grow up.
We just want to make our city a better place today.

Jassi Shoorvir
Jassi Shoorvir CEO, Marketing Expert

Somethings we just need it.

No explanation is needed as to why.
Jioyaar is that one product that will serve the community and it is definitely need.

Jassi Shoorvir
Jassi Shoorvir CEO, Marketing Expert

The Now Generation.

Don't get left behind, our children are the future. But who are they and do we understand their needs
We do.
Digital Dharamkot.

    Vocal For Local

    We aren't rejecting globalization, but calling for a new form of it!

    Get To Know JIOYAAR

    We are not that different from you!

    CEO Words

    Here are some thoughts and pointers from our CEO.

    Jassi Shoorvir
    Women Operated Jassi Shoorvir

    That is correct, Jioyaar is a women run company.

    Jassi Shoorvir
    Media Oriented

    Social Media and word of moth. We did not forget traditionally marketing. We just expanded to the now marketing.

    Jassi Shoorvir
    Ready for Future

    With the uncerentently of the future and the next generation of children's becoming consumers this is the best thing to happen to our little city

    Jassi Shoorvir

    Whatever our community will need, we well stride to provide. New additions are already underway.

    Jassi Shoorvir
    Leave a legacy

    Get involved in Jioyaar and leave a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

      Women Run Company

      That is correct, owned and operated by Jassi Shoorvir.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise


      Jioyaar is currently open to a partnership. A person wishing to get involved in a business that has amazing ROI. If you agree that jioyaar has the potential to be a very successful firm, then call us.  We are only looking for ONE partner to work with us.

      We do not disclose our partnership signup amounts here. But you can be assured that it is very reasonable and less then 5 Lak.

      We are open to all National and International ad placements. Business wishing to expand their reach to customers in the Dharamkot area can do so with out any limit.

      Add you business or service info Digital Dharamkot

      People need to find you and the products you self or the service you provide. This is a free listing service.